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Timberseed is a small town on the edge of a forest in northern Casivir. It sits along a north/south trade route, which brings plenty of business in to the Red Leaf Roadhouse. Elder Cobblestone, the middle-aged halfling who oversees the town, lives in a modest estate at the top of the hill that overlooks the road.

Notable Places/NPCs:

  • Red Leaf Roadhouse (a large tavern, inn, and stables owned and operated by Sylfariel, CG half-elf female)
  • Elder Cobblestone (NG middle-aged halfling male)
  • Apothecary (run by Gerda Rootpicker, N wizened human female)
  • Market (a long, looping street that branches off the main road. The grassy grounds within the loop house kiosks and stands that boast a variety of produce, common gear, and trade goods.)


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